I am an avid traveler who gleans deep joy from constantly expanding my horizons. My personal and professional life have me jetting to all corners of the globe and guide the beginnings of this site. Global development and community empowerment, my greatest passions, thankfully reinforce a globe-trotting addiction. My interest in global engagement and development has evolved from a fifth grade mission trip with Casas por Cristo in Juarez, Mexico to extensive fieldwork for doctoral studies in southern India.

As a PhD candidate and Graduate Research Assistant at the University of Colorado Boulder, I study community-based sanitation systems to understand what conditions (such as stakeholder participation, decision-making, construction quality, etc.) lead to successful and failed systems. I am also interested to understand the role of resource recovery in incentivizing community buy-in and addressing sustainable sanitation. In a less technical sense, this means I spend half the year dreaming of toilets and half the year trying not to sink knee-deep into trash or get run over by a stray cow as I make my way through small slum resettlements to learn about their poop.

In my sporadic and chaotic spare time, I love backpacking, luxury cooking while camping, scuba diving, and traveling.